Salient Features

Our app has many features which you will love the most. Below are some of the best features which are difficult to find in any other apps.


Now you can explore the nearby restaurants by booking the table of your choice, this will chuck off the long waiting time


This service allows you to browse the menu, order and pay while you are inside the restaurant. Another benefit is for people who prefer drive-through. This will eliminate the problem of waiting in long queues.

Order History

You can always access which restaurant you were in, at what date& time, on which table and what you ordered and the total amount of bill you paid.

Reservation and Pay

This feature will allow you to book a table in addition to ordering food. You will have your food served when you arrive to the restaurant.

Drive thru

Drive thru allows you to order and pay while you are on the way to the restaurant.The customer will receive his pre-ordered meal in his car. It saves your time and eliminates the problem of waiting for your order.

Elegant Design

This application is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Everything is clear and using any of our services should be as smooth as butter.


Why should you choose Reservation

Book Table, Order food, Pick up & Drive thru

Reservations saves you time and energy. You will no longer need to ask the staff what’s the best selling, we will do it for you. No more will you need to wait for your food and table all will be managed for you, getting by traffic is all we ask from you.

Sincerely Mr.Reservation time cutter

Packed with Amazing Features

Book Table, Order food, Pick all & Drive thru at one place
Beautiful and Elegant Clean Design
Nearest restaurants Details with Filter option.

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